Working with the Gemäldegalerie in Berlin. Translation of texts for the Gerard ter Borch cabinet exhibition. The exhibition runs from 17.10.2019 to 29.02.2020.

Gerard ter Borch
The Gallant Conversation – 1654

With a self-important gesture the soldier smugly accosts the modest young woman in back-view. Meanwhile a second woman – in whom we re-encounter Gesina ter Borch as model – looks down and self-consciously empties her wine glass. The woman’s demeanor and the presence of the dog with its tail tucked may be read as allusions to the soldier’s dishonorable intentions.

Marie Janssen – the shrouded furnace

Very excited to do translations for Marie Janssen’s Tuchofen project. The artist’s work explores the enigmatic origin of myth and the magical power of objects.

When a fire was kept in every home and the size of a village could be determined by its number of fireplaces, the hearth occupied a central place in human life as the vessel that at once tamed and sheltered the vital fire.
Long ago, this life-sustaining warmth still had a shape, a visible origin in the form of the ceramic or cast-iron stove in the heart of the home…


Danke, Marie!