Translations start at 0.16 cents per word. Prices vary according to project and timeframe.

To give you a quote, I need to see your text! Sometimes I can give you an estimate based on a sample or if we’ve discussed the project in detail.

I don’t charge VAT as a Kleinunternehmer according to 19 UStG.

In Germany, translations are often billed according to the standard line (55 characters with spaces). To make things simple, I usually charge per word of the source text (that is, of the German text). But I’m flexible.

which languages do you translate?

I translate from German into English, my first language.

what do you translate?

I often translate texts in the creative industry, culture, art, business and marketing, and in academic contexts. Take a look at the news to get a feel for what projects I’ve worked on. If you’re not sure about your project, just ask!

Please note, I don’t offer certified translations for legal purposes.

proofreading and editing

I strongly recommend that you proofread your text before publishing. I charge by the hour and prices vary according project.

I’m also available to edit and improve your English texts.