translation specializes in high-quality translations from German to English. We often work in the areas of advertising and marketing, startups, art and culture, and business communications. Translations are typically billed according to the number of words or characters in the source document. works closely with clients, offering personal communication and feedback.


While all translation requires a certain amount of cultural adaptation, transcreation requires a higher level of creativity to successfully transplant a message into a new cultural context. This is particularly important for advertising and marketing and may involve creative consultation. combines around 25 years of California dreamin' with nearly 10 years of living and working in Berlin. We speak German fluently in the clubs and at university and can help you transcend cultural boundaries to emotionally reach your English audiences.

editing provides proofreading and editing services to improve the style and appearance of your English texts. We are happy to edit your white papers, English copy, websites, e-mails, etc. Editing services are typically billed by the hour.

Proofreading means correcting typos, misspellings, and small grammatical errors. Editing means rewriting sentences, making stylistic changes, and modifying the structure of the text. will work with you to find the best solution.